Finally in Israel!

Today after a long wait in the airportĀ  – around two hours – we could see our three beautiful, new families. One of them was our little and sweet Birhat and his beautiful mother. When I saw him I was very worried because he looked so blue and also had a lot of congestion. Immediately when we checked him we called to the ICU so that they were waiting for us. During the trip to the hospital we put oxygen on him. In the beginning he cried a lot but later he and his mother fell asleep.

Finally we arrived at the hospital, and the ICU had everything ready for them; they put him through a lot of tests. His mother did not understand what was happening in the beginning. But later when I could call someone to help me with the translation, thank the Lord mom was more calm and at peace. In the afternoon the doctor performed an echo and asked a lot of questions to Mom. Birhat is so small for his age, he was waiting for this moment (arrival to Israel for his surgery) almost all of his little life. But thanks to the Lord they are finally here.

When the doctor finished with everything, Birhat could eat. He was very angry because he was hungry. But when I gave him his milk he was very happy and calm. It was very beautiful feeding him and also he helped me hold the bottle with his little hand. Please pray for this beautiful baby, for wisdom for the medical team as they plan his treatment and also for his mother to have strength and peace in this time far away at home.