Finally in Israel

When we were on our way to the airport I only thought: “please God keep Lana safe.” I was very anxious about her condition because her travel was postponed twice due to her low levels of oxygen, meaning she was unable to fly. When we arrived to the airport they already had landed. This has been the fastest wait in the airport that I have had. Two beautiful and sweet families came through the arrivals hall after only 10 minutes of our waiting. I was very thankful to God that Lana finally is with us! They were happy when I could say a greeting in Kurdish. Lana looks very blue, but she has a beautiful smile. I checked her, and thanks to the Lord, her oxygen level was normal for her: “like always at home,” her mum told me. Mom also told us that they had a good flight and she was fine during her travel .
When we arrived home our families had kept food for them and later there was a party they could enjoy for Marya’s birthday. Finally they went to their room to rest. They were really tired. Please pray for her appointment to be scheduled quickly and wisdom for the hospital team to decide the best plan for her. And that she will have a good time here with us.