Finding Soso

My day started at Hadassah hospital looking for little Soso. The searching was interesting. I went to the place the nurse told me to go to, or the place I understood that she told me to go to! I couldn’t find Soso in that place. I also searched a place that I went to before with previous families, but I didn’t find her their either. I also went to places I never went to before, such as the 12th floor, and wow – there is an amazing view up there!

I enjoyed this small detour because I beheld a wonderful view up there. Though I wanted to, I couldn’t stay longer because I had to find Soso.

I decided to go back to the first place I went to at the beginning, and then located what I believed to be the correct spot. I thought about how I never quit continuing my search which became my lesson for today – the journey can bring us to some beautiful places!

I came into a waiting room full of people with masks, thanks Corona virus. How could I recognize the mom? Easy, right? For me, everyone looked the same with their masks on. I decided that the simplest solution was to say in a loud voice: “Um (mother of) Soso,” and there she was. However, she is the granny, and not the mother of Soso. Nevertheless, I found her. Now she would not be alone.

We waited together for the surgery to finish. The doctor came out and said, everything will be ok. I sensed that Soso’s grandmother was stressed a bit. For Latinos, food is a good de-stressor so I asked her if she wanted to eat something. She accepted the invitation as she had not eaten anything since the day before. We get our first smile from Soso’s grandmother.

Soso is now in the ICU. The doctor said it was a good surgery, but we will have to wait a little bit to see the results. Thank you all for your prayers.