Finding the issue

Eva went into her catheter early this morning at Sheba Hospital, with a brave, and irritable demeanor. She was not a fan of fasting, but she wasn’t doing it alone since many of our moms were doing pre-Ramadan fasting. Eva by far handled it the worst though, but still gave us an occasional smile while being  held by her mom.

After Eva went in, we began the wait, my coworker Corry mostly stayed by Eva’s mother’s side, and they also invited the mother of another Shevet child having a surgery at the same time. Eva’s mother’s Arabic is very good, so these two mothers in a situation only they could both relate to, found fellowship and comfort in their fear, and talked in the long hours spent waiting for news. After a small delay, we got news from the doctors that the catheter was a success, and that Eva was already back in her room.

Eva was still coming out of the anesthesia, but seemed to be doing well. Doctors explained the primary issue she faced, Eva’s heart has too much blood in it, from dilated veins around the heart causing high blood pressure, and too much blood-flow and pressure to the lungs. This is a serious problem needless to say, and doctors are meeting to discuss options of intervention in an attempt to give Eva a shot at healing and being set free from this chain.

We are praying for Eva as they come to determine this, doctors in both Israel and Iraq have frankly been shocked at Eva’s heart condition, and have given many grim diagnoses and findings, all of which she has defied.