Finding the way

Little Lawi looked beautiful when I visited his room today, but the mother looked a little worried. She asked when they would be able to come back to the Shevet home and of course I had to say I didn’t know.

Lawi is doing well, but is having a few complications. Firstly, the hospital team saw that he was having arrhythmia in his heart, which is being monitored. And also he is finding it difficult to feed properly after the surgery, I heard also that this morning he was vomiting.

His mother was trying to feed him,  but it was difficult with all of the cables and tubes around him. His very kind nurse came and helped detach him from some of these cables for a short time so this his mum could take him in her arms to feed him. It was a really beautiful moment and she breathed a big sigh of relief, as if finally there is something which feels like normal.

Please pray for sweet Lawi’s recovery, and that God will lead him and his mum through this time, and that¬† they will know the strength of the Lord.