First admission to Sheba Hospital

Today the doctors at Sheba Medical Center surprised us with a phone call to say that San can have his diagnostic cath tomorrow.

When I brought him and his lovely mother to Sheba, we had to go through the whole admission process until we were able to see his doctor. The doctor explained to us why they need to do this cath and what complications are possible. Even though the risk for complications is really low, his mother was worried a bit because this procedure will be the first one for San. Our kind doctors at the cardiac clinic were fast to calm her down and tell her that this is a routine procedure. They need to do this diagnostic cath to collect information for his treatment plan for possible surgeries in the future. After all of this, San was admitted to the ICU where he stays with his mother until the catheterisation tomorrow.

Please join us in prayer for San and his wonderful mother. Pray for calmness for both of them in this exciting time of healing.