First appointment for Yadgar

Yadgar, who is just over 3kg, had his first experience of Sheba hospital today. He did not enjoy himself too much. Quite a lot of medical staff took their time to make a thorough assessment of his condition, which is necessary to begin planning his surgery, and also because he arrived with reports bearing two different diagnoses.

The cardiologist explained that they saw the arteries are transposed, but one is difficult to see well on the echo. He will therefore need a CT scan to help see the anatomy properly. They also saw that his chest x-ray was congested, so he has started to take a medication to keep his chest clear.

It was very nice to spend some time with his mother today, as yesterday we were both too tired from the traveling to enjoy each other’s company properly. She is a patient and sweet lady, today wearing a very nice dress and with make-up done beautifully. We looked at some photos of her wedding, which took place during the coronavirus lock down of last year; her husband looks very much like Yadgar!

The doctors will need to have a meeting to discuss the best plan for Yadgar. Despite being so tiny, he is still considered “old” for a TGA switch surgery, therefore it could be safer and necessary to make the surgery in two stages instead of one.