First assessment

Today was Khonav’s first “official” day at the hospital, despite her ER visit when she first arrived. She is settling in well and I think really enjoying her time in Israel. She went to the beach for the first time yesterday, although she was too tired to walk the 5 minute journey home, and we had to collect her in the car. It seems like they have grateful hearts for everything and I know this attitude of not grumbling is very beautiful to God.

Thankfully, today at the cardiology clinic, things went smoothly. It was very special to spend the day with Khonav and her mum, and with many of the other families. It felt a bit like everyone in the hospital was Kurdish today! Israa’s father was able to help navigate the new families around the hospital, and translate into Bahdini.

Khonav’s mum held my hand as we sat behind the curtain separating Khonav as she had her echo done. It was nice to be together and I hope she feels welcome and confident with the doctors here.

The cardiologist explained that despite the low saturations, he saw on her echo that her heart is functioning relatively well; she has a VSD and a problem with her pulmonary artery. Tomorrow he will carry out a diagnostic catheterisation, and get a better idea of her situation including the state of her coronary arteries so they can plan a surgery.


We all enjoyed a lunch together, and then Khonav was admitted into the secondary ICU. She will have the catheterisation tomorrow, so please pray that she will be safe and it will be successful for her