First assessment

Today was Akar’s first time at Sheba Hospital. He came for his initial assessment, but what was unusual was that his mother had a lot of data from his previous echoes, CT scans, and surgery. It was a lot to sort through, but was very good for the doctors to have access to it. She is a very calm and lovely lady. Her oldest daughter had almost exactly the same heart problem as Akar, so this family has been through a lot.

He did really well throughout the long day. I thought that hospitals and these types of appointments must have always been a part of his life because his pulmonary valve is closed completely, he had a BT shunt surgery in India when he was nine months old, but now that shunt isn’t functioning well, and most of the blood supply to the lungs is through collateral arteries that have formed in the heart. If it weren’t for these, there wouldn’t be enough blood going to his lungs for oxygen.

This was a moment where I thought of the words I’ve heard before, “Ishi Xwa Chen Xosha,” how beautiful is God’s work.┬áPlease pray for this sweet boy as doctors begin to look into his case.