First assessment

Today I drove with beautiful little Eliana and her lovely mother to the Sheba Medical Center for her first appointment.

First we went together to a blood test. She cried a lot, but still she was very though. For her mother, it was really hard to see her daughter like this, so a tear also came down her face, but she was very patient.

Then Eliana had an echo.

She had an ECG, and they checked her oxygen level and at the end of it, we also went to have an x-ray taken.

Even though it was her first appointment, the doctor already said that they are discussing now when she is going to have her surgery and what they are exactly doing. It will be a big surgery, this much they knew.

During the waiting time, Eliana loved to walk around and to play in the playground area. She also became really fast friends with the children around her.

After everything was done, I drove with them back to our house in Ashdod. So let’s pray for Eliana, her mother and for wisdom for the doctors.