First Assessment

We went today to the hospital with Sahand and his dad to have his first assessment. On our way to the hospital Dad was very anxious and told me that they have been waiting for this day for a year and a half! He couldn’t believe they were here! We had to wait while the doctor finished a cath so in the meantime they called home and talked to Mom and sister. He was smiling and answering back all of Mom’s loving words!

Sahand cried a lot during the echo and made it very difficult for the doctor to have clear images – we tried many things with the father.  The doctor also was very patient and tried three different times with half an hour in between. Dad even put Sahand to sleep in his legs as a Kurdish mom will do to her baby – it was lovely to see this loving father trying his best to help his boy! He was sad when the doctor said that he needed better pictures of the Left Pulmonary Artery and that he was asking for an echo under sedation to have all the information that the operating team needs to make the best decision for the surgery. So we thank God together with Dad for this time and leave everything in God’s hands. Please join us in prayer for this little one, for a fast appointment for the echo and for strength and peace in his father’s heart.