First Assessment

Today we had the pleasure to take our smiling Zhya and his lovely mother to the hospital for his first assessment at Sheba. We really had a good time in the car on our way to the hospital. Zhya was very happy to see the city and the cars and his mom also told us that his favorite color is red, so he was very excited whenever he saw something red. We had a good talking with his mom, we read about Zhya’s heart problem – woah, it’s really complex. We were thinking how he can live with that. I was thinking by myself that it has to be really for the plan and purpose of God. His mom told us when he was¬† born one doctor told her that he only was going to live 3 days. And now he is more than two years and he is so happy, active and a beautiful boy.

When we arrived to the hospital they performed an echo, ECG and checked his vital signs. He was a really brave boy, he only cried a little bit. The doctor told us that his problem is really complicated. Furthermore he also thinks that his lung pressure is really high. So, they need to perform a CATH first, depending of that they can make the decision if they can schedule a surgery. I’m really hoping that God can make a miracle is this little and precious life. For now we are waiting for a day for his CATH.

Mom was in a beautiful mood, thank the Lord our translator was with us all the time and he was able to explain everything to mom. Please pray for a quick schedule for his CATH and for the best plan for this little baby.