First Assessment

Taman is a such handsome, smart and lovely boy. Today he had his first assessment in the hospital. It was a long day for him, but he was very happy because they were going to take many pictures of his heart! Thanks to the lord his uncle arrived today and he could translate everything to mom.

They made three echos, and two doctors spoke with mom and his uncle, they explained everything and answered every question that they had. Taman was in a good mood all the time but in his last echo he fell asleep. Yesterday he was upset with me because I took some swabs and I promised him to give an ice cream. So while we waiting for the second doctor, he ate his ice cream and he was really happy about that. Finally the doctors came and they told us that they confirmed his diagnosis. They told his mom that his problem can be fixed  through open heart surgery or maybe could be done with a catheterisation.

So Taman’s parents need to decide which option they would like. If a cath isn’t successful, then he could then have a surgery. Mom and uncle were happy to hear these possibilities and also that the doctor took the time to explain everything to them. Please pray for wisdom for his parents to decide the best plan for this wonderful boy.