First Assessment

Israa was having her hair done by the mother of Nvin this morning as they were getting ready to go to the hospital together. She is always dressed beautifully in colourful dresses, with gold jewelry. She is especially proud of her necklace with kittens and bells on it.

Each time I felt like the day was getting stressful for me, I only had to look at Israa for just 1 second and it felt like everything was beautiful! She is the sweetest girl, and is 2 and a half years old. She is shy at first, but it was easy for her to grow in confidence, trying to climb up the play area, and sharing the whole experience with us by looking, smiling and laughing. She knows that she is loved!

The assessment confirmed the diagnosis in Kurdistan and thank God that Israa coped really well with it and didn’t cry. The doctor kept on quietly saying “oh wow”, “eesh”, and so on as she was looking at the echo. She explained that Israa’s heart is very complex and so the next steps will be to discuss her case at the conference with the other doctors to decide what means of further assessment they need to do for her, before they can consider planning her surgery.

Please pray for this all to move forwards in God’s timing, and for Israa and her father to continue settling in well at home here with us. We are enjoying them being here already!