First Assessment

We had to go to the hospital for an early morning appointment. Rovar had his initial assessment today in the neurosurgery clinic. He was really happy to see the big crocodiles at the entrance of the children hospital, so we had to stop for a photo.

We had to wait for quiet time and we had to download all possible information and previous tests at the x-ray section. So the surgeon will have a complete picture of his diagnosis. The mother answered all the questions the surgeon asked her and then he did the check-up.

Because this is a very rare illness they would like the radiologist to see his case with all the information then decide if they need to do new tests like an MRI or SPECT, to see the vascular reserve of the brain. Then they will consult and decide whether he needs a surgery or other kind of treatment. This is just the beginning.

Please keep Rovar and his mother in your prayers as they adapt to the new family here and the Lord opens a door of healing for him.