First assessment for Lava

Little girl Lava had to visit Sheba hospital today for her first assessment involving an echo and an ECG. During the assessment, Lava’s mother and I chatted a bit with each other to get to know each other. These parents are often worried and kind of afraid when they come to Israel because they don’t know anything here. It’s good that we can spend time with them to help them through the beginning.

Lava was crying during her examinations but her beautiful mother was by her side. The whole examination must have been quite exhausting for that little girl which is why she immediately fell asleep after it.

The doctors have to discuss Lava’s case now. As soon as they know what the treatment for her will look like, they’ll tell us and we can tell the family.

Let us pray for wisdom for the doctors that the Lord may lead them with their decision and for peace and patience for Lava’s lovely mother now.