First Assesssment

Nvin has beautiful autumn-red hair and a mosaic of green and grey eyes. She possesses a joyous smile that is contagious. She and her beautiful mother arrived early before the break of dawn from Iraqi Kurdistan. A few hours later, Nvin had her first assessment at Sheba Medical Center. Her mother patiently waited and comforted her daughter throughout all the assessments.


Nvin’s echo revealed Unicuspid Aortic Valve, causing severe aortic stenosis and mild narrowing of aorta. A four limb blood pressure exam was conducted to determine if there were any potential complications in perfusion. The doctor cleared Nvin to return to the Shevet base to wait for further steps. The plan is to perform a balloon dilation catheterization to explore the anatomy of the aorta to determine if they need further surgery or can perform aortic dilation via catheterization.
The journey of awaiting for hospital admission, next exams, and next steps can be a tiring and trying journey. Please continue to pray for their journey, that they would seek comfort and hope in Christ.