First child to love gloves

Normally our children don’t really like rubber gloves because they associate it with doctors and uncomfortable procedures but not Kenan. When I came to the pediatric floor a nurse told me that he just had a blood test and therefore was not happy at all. In my time here I learned to make children happy with the things given in a hospital room so a rubber glove balloon is always the easiest choice. First he was skeptical but the really loved the balloon and played with me for a while before the doctors made their visits for him. They told his mother that they will start learning her how to give him Clexane a drug that has to be dosed really carefully. As soon as she knows how to give him the medication and his seven days of antibiotics for the infection he had are over, he can go back home to Gaza.

We had such a funny time today and it was nice to be with him and his beautiful mother for a while. Pray for Kenan that he can handle the new drug well and that his mother will learn how to provide him with the medicine he needs.