First day at the hospital

Sweet Lawi had his first assessment at the hospital today. He was dressed to impress in a beautiful white hat and fluffy white coat as well. He has just arrived from Kurdistan where his mum tells us it’s snowing!

He was chilled out the whole day and here he is relaxing during the echo….

The doctor explained that it is clear to see that he needs to have a surgery to repair his AV canal. But first it needs to be decided whether or not he needs to have a catheterizaton beforehand to check the pulmonary pressure, which is high. So Lawi’s case will be discussed at the surgical conference with the rest of the doctors.

It was nice also that during the waiting time, an Israeli couple recognized their Kurdish language being spoken and asked where these families were from. The gentleman told us that both of his grandparents were goldsmiths from Kurdistan, and were from Erbil and Kirkuk. They were very interested in the treatments Lawi and the other Kurdish children were having here, and warmly welcomed them.

Please pray for Lawi and his mum to feel settled and at home here with us and the other families in Jaffa.