First day at the hospital

Yousef, at four months, is considered to be fairly old in the eyes of the cardiology team, to be arriving with a d-TGA diagnosis. He is very cute and quite delightful to everyone who meets him, with one of the nurses declaring “his hair is wonderful!”

He coped with the echo, ECG, blood test, and X-ray procedures very well, considering how stressful the whole experience of going to the doctors must be for him. He has already had a catheterisation in Kurdistan, which has helped to keep him as healthy as possible and then travel here.

The doctor explained that because Yousef is ‘so old,’ he will need to have two surgeries a few days apart in order to repair his heart. His mother received the news bravely, although I know it was a difficult day for her. I was grateful today for another Kurdish mother at the hospital as well. She welcomed Yousef’s mother, and was able to help a bit with Kurdish translation. Yousef will wait now for the surgery date to be scheduled. Please pray for them in the waiting process.