First day in Israel

Coworker Hanna and I picked up a little beautiful and sleepy Amina from the airport today. Amina’s mother already sent me a picture of them in the plane, so we could find them easily.

When we arrived in Ashdod, we went directly to their room and they could rest a little after the long flight.

Amina and her mother are refugees from Syria. We figured out how we can talk with each other a little: Arabic, Kurdish, hands and feet. It was nice to spend some time with them, and to get to know them.

Amina is the youngest of three girls in her family. She has a heart defect named Tetralogy of Fallot. Her oxygen saturation is really bad and I could see how blue her fingers are.

I never saw it that bad on the fingers of any child at Shevet before. We hope and pray that Amina and her mother will have a blessed time in Israel, and also will have a successful surgery or cath. Amina is a cute little girl. So thankful they came safely to us.