First Echo

Mir is a 14 month-old boy from southern Kurdistan. His name means “Prince” in Kurdish. He had his first echo assessment today. At the beginning he was not very happy – even the echo technician was playing songs to him on the phone.

The doctor explained that he has a really complicated heart. He has a lot of flow going to his lungs so they need to know if there is pulmonary hypertension or not. First they will need to perform a cath, after that they will decide what is the next step. The doctor also asked for an x-ray to see if there is any congestion in his chest. It was fast so he did not cry a lot.

After the cath the medical team will have a long discussion and decide what is the best kind of operation for him. After the echo, Mir was so happy at the playground driving the train.

Let us pray for his father as he is a little bit concerned about whether Mir gets sick before his big operation.