First echo

Our new Kurdish kid Arya had his first echo at Sheba hospital today. He doesn’t like when we take his oxygen at home so we knew he probably wouldn’t like all the tests and the echo today.

Before he had his echo, we went to do a blood test because the doctors need to collect as much health data as possible before they can work on a surgical plan. After lots of tears at the blood test, Arya had his echo which was also followed by lots of crying. For the doctors it was very hard to get a clear ultrasound picture of his heart, so they decided to give him a sedative. This really helped with his anxiety of the doctors and he calmed down enough that they could get the data they needed. After a very long day, he came back to Ashdod with us. Here he has to wait with his mother for the surgical plan the doctors will start to work on after today. The doctors told us that his heart is very complicated because there are several defects which will make the treatment harder. The next steps will be a diagnostic cath and a CT scan.

We thank the Lord that we have the opportunity to have this cute new baby from Kurdistan with us and that he is able to receive the care he needs at Sheba Hospital. We pray for his stay with us and his lovely mother.