First follow-up echo

Rohat had an echo today, the first since his discharge from Sheba hospital last week. His cardiologist is very pleased with the condition of his heart, and asked to see him againĀ in two weeks.

I first met Rohat and his mum in the waiting room on the day of his very first echo at Sheba over two months ago. So much has happened for this little guy since then, and I was glad to translate such a good report for his mother.

She is, of course, eager to know how many more check-ups he needs before he can go home to Kurdistan, but as she told me today, “first, we make sure Rohat is doing well.”

Before his next echo, Rohat will have appointments with a pulmonologist and neurologist to check on the condition of his lungs and brain. Please pray for good outcomes from these appointments next week.