First follow-up echo

This morning, little Revand had his first follow-up echo at Sheba Hospital since being discharged last week. He was pretty relaxed during all the waiting time, but not so much during the echo itself.

We’re glad to hear that Revand’s surgical result looks good. He has some fluid around his heart but it’s shown up long enough after surgery that his cardiologist is not concerned and is just treating him with some diuretics.

However, as is the case with many kids with Tetralogy of Fallot, Revand’s pulmonary arteries are very small. The cardiologist couldn’t see them very well in this echo, so he wants to see Revand again in a week. If the arteries are bigger than before surgery, he can likely return home to Kurdistan. If not, he’ll need an interventional cath to dilate them first.

Revand’s mom took this news well and confidently said, “It’s okay, God knows.” Please pray for good results from next week’s echo.