First of two surgeries completed

Doctors performed the first of two surgeries for baby Lava today. This was the smaller one to prepare her heart for the switch surgery. The wait was around three and a half hours, which was long for her mother, but we had good friends to pass the time.

Since they have been in quarantine, today was the first day I really got to know Lava’s mother, and by extension via photographs, Lava herself. At one point Georgia took a photo of the group ‘niswan’ or women in English, which included Meera, a Kurdish toddler whose father was with us for some time during the wait.

When Lava came out of surgery, her mum was so relieved, and still it took about another hour before she could see Lava because of the time it takes to set up Lava in her room with the machines, medicines, and post-operative checks.

Please pray for the week or so in-between these two surgeries as the recovery can be difficult. We ask God for Lava, that her recovery will not a difficult one and that her body will adjust to the new ways her heart is working.