First Post-op Echo

Today Zinar had his first echo after surgery, he was in a very good mood to come to this echo and know how he was doing as Mom was very excited too and anxious to know if everything went well with the surgery. Dr David was there today during the echo writing down all details that the lady was telling him and every time he was writing he was saying “good, good!” Thank God everything is looking very good for Zinar. When the echo finished he checked Zinar’s wound because there was one stitch that looked different but he said everything was absolutely fine with it, just needed water and soap three times a day! That was relieving for all, us and mom, since there was some worrying about it!

Dr. David was amazing with him, as he usually is, and joked and posed with him in this picture as two strong and powerful men!! We all enjoyed seeing both having a good time! And Zinar sure is a strong boy that will grow into a very kind hearted man as he is constantly pampering other babies and ¬†giving them sweet words! Thank you Lord for all the wonderful doctors that you give us for our special families, we know it’s your love and care over all of them.

Zinar will have to come back for a final echo in two weeks and then back home in Dohuk where dad is really missing him and wishing to have him and mom back. We pray that this will happen in two weeks time!