First Post-op Echo

We had the opportunity to take Mir and his young father to his first echo after surgery. Mir was so happy driving our vehicle while I was fixing his car seat. I thank the Lord for Mir’s life. His case has been very complicated.

We had a very busy day at the hospital with lots of children, but that gave us the opportunity to pray for each and every one of them. First, Mir had an ECG test, and the technician sat Mir in a new car toy while performing the test. I think the dad was happier than Mir.

Dad had lots of questions that the doctor happily answered. Mir’s oxygen reduced yesterday but the doctor said that it was still within safe limits, so not to worry.  Mir has a little water around his heart so she prescribed a new medicine for him.

Mir will need a new cath and another surgery but the doctor suggested waiting 2 or 3 month’s time, so his heart and body can grow.  But this is too much time to wait for the father. So the cardiologist is going to ask her team if it would be possible to do it earlier. She mentioned also that he can go home (to Kurdistan) and be back in 6 months or so for the second surgery. However the father said that would also be difficult because his wife is expecting a new baby in 3 months.

It was very encouraging for the father when the doctor said that the new baby won’t necessarily be born with the same illness. Just trust the Lord that he or she will be fine.

Now we have to wait for a new echo in a week’s time to see if the liquid reduces and we need to pray that the second surgery will be done sooner that 2 months. Thank you for your prayers for both of them.