First return of many

Today was the first time that Fatima has returned for a check up; this is significant because she will need to return every month for the following years in order to receive her life-saving medication and also to see her cardiologist. I’m not sure there has been a case like Fatima’s at Shevet before, and certainly not in the last three years that I have have here.

She has been dubbed “khamuda,” which is Hebrew for cute, or also something like the name ‘cutie’ by everyone. The doctors taking care of her are very devoted to her, and so many people have rallied around this little girl to ensure that everything that can be done, is being done for her.

The echo and ECG today was about the same as a month ago. It’s good to know the medication is working for her.

This evening she is with a Holter monitor and, God willing, if the results are normal when checked tomorrow, she can return to Gaza forthwith.

Continuing in prayer for Fatima is so important; for her I often wonder how this system will be sustainable or possible considering how many variables are in the medicine alone, notwithstanding obtaining permission with the border. Jesus was certainly pragmatic when he said to not worry about tomorrow because today has enough worry of its own.

But today turned out very well, so with gratitude for this and faith in God’s sovereignty, we can trust Him for next month and the next month and the one after that. Each in its own time.