First Steps

Yesterday newborn Hamza arrived to Sheba Hospital as an emergency transport from Gaza. Hamza is only eight days old today and looked very sick when I visited him. He has coarctation of the aorta together with some other heart defects over which his doctors still need to study. He will get a CT scan soon so his doctors have a full picture of his heart before they make a plan for his surgery.

His doctor told me that his heart is really complicated and he is only staying alive right now via a drug called prostaglandin which keeps the PDA, a connection between his two arteries open. His mother started crying as soon as coworker Luisa and I entered the room and we realized once again how hard it is for these mothers to be with their babies here. She has two older daughters back home in Gaza but this is her first son.

Please pray for Hamza, his family, and all the medical staff taking care of him. God bless this little boy who is struggling since the first moment of life.