First steps in a new life

It was one month ago when Khalid and his dad arrived in Israel. It was a miracle that he turned 19 years old with his difficult illness, a Tetralogy of Fallot. Today I had the special honor to visit this strong young man. I was happy to see him again after his successful surgery four days ago. But he was very weak and had some dark circles under his eyes.

Kahlid’s father told me they haven’t slept for two nights; Kahlid said his body feels like there’s pain – everywhere. Unbelievable, what this young man has to bear. So it’s no wonder that he has no appetite.
The doctor knocked on the door and came in for a visit. He said that he is very satisfied with Kahlid’s surgery and his condition, but he must start to eat and drink high-protein drinks, then nothing would stand in the way of discharge, maybe even on Sunday.

After that, the physiotherapist entered and wanted to take Khalid for a walk. The father was skeptical but the therapist prevailed.

And so this young man began his first steps in a new life.

A life without Tetralogy of Fallot, without sports ban, without constant tiredness.

They were hard and painful steps, but his will to leave this stupid disease behind him was stronger.

When we were saying goodbye, I told him everyone in Jaffa missed him and that everything will be good from here on out. A first smile flitted across his face. I think he understands that something new is starting now…