First surgery for Yousef

We learned this morning that due to Yousef’s very low oxygen saturation, the doctors decided he should not wait any longer and be taken into surgery today. Yousef had a PA band and a BT shunt surgery today. It went as planned, and he was out of the OR within about three hours or so. He is recovering well now in his room in the pediatric ICU at Sheba hosptial. There was a lot of help available to support his mother who was quite frightened about the prospect of surgery. A Kurdish mother, one of our community gifts from God, came to the rescue of Yousef’s mother with encouragement and translation.
Yousef’s mum was so happy to see him again after the surgery was over, and kissed his little hands again and again, and took photos to send to her husband back in Kurdistan. I was also touched to see that many of the first people whom she contacted with the good news of Yousef’s surgery outcome, were the other ladies at our community home, other Kurdish mothers whom she called, greeting each one, and calling them sisters. It’s very beautiful to see how these families care for one another, as they go through similar and sometimes difficult days. Thank God for the gift of family and friendship, as well as for keeping Yousef safe during surgery today.