First surgery of 2021

It was a surprise change in surgery schedule, which we heard of last night: Eliyas, who had been moved up to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) during the weekend due to his very low oxygen levels, was going to be taken into surgery this morning.

His father had sent a few videos and photos over the weekend, full of adoration for this very cute son, and so it was good to join him early on this morning.

We realised that Eliyas is the first Kurdish baby of 2021 to have heart surgery at the hospital, and it was a big surgery. It took almost seven hours from the time he went into the operating room to the time he was brought out of it. The father waited with strength and patience, although towards the end of the time, he started to pace towards the door of the surgery area, longing for his son to be brought out.

The surgeon told us that it had been a difficult surgery, but thankfully they had been able to do everything which they intended to; the double switch of the Great Arteries, and the closure of two holes in the heart. They also found that a valve which had previously been a concern was working well, and did not need intervention.

The doctor explained that the next 48 hours will be critical for Eliyas as he recovers from surgery, and his body gets used to the new set up of his heart.

Thank God for the good outcome for Eliyas. Please pray for God will bless the baby with healing and continue to strengthen the father, giving him a light spirit.