First Visit to Sheba

I had the pleasure of accompanying both Nyaz and Tre for their initial assessments at Sheba today. I haven’t had much opportunity to meet these mums who are new to our community yet so it was great to spend some time with them. We had fun in the car using the little bits of all of the languages we know together to talk about Israel and the hospital.

Nyaz had an echo, ECG, chest x-ray and check of vital signs today. She was such a good girl throughout all of the tests and her mum did a beautiful job of quickly distracting her whenever she started to become unsettled.

Nyaz has a lovely temperament she really enjoys being sociable and she seems to love music. Her skin is very blue at the moment and despite this being a reflection of her significantly lower than average oxygen saturation levels her energy and joy is surprising.

The cardiologist reported that Nyaz will now be presented to the medical team to discuss her next steps. In addition to her diagnosis received in Kurdistan Nyaz appears to have a smaller pulmonary artery than would be expected. For this she may require an angio-CT or a catheterisation in order to gain better insight into the working of her heart.

Please pray for Nyaz and her mother that they will know the love of Jesus throughout their time here in Israel. Please also pray for knowledge and wisdom during the medical discussion regarding Nyaz’s case.