Flexible decisions, Rohat better off

After three weeks in Sheba Children’s hospital fighting a virus, little Rohat went into surgery today to correct the transposition of his great arteries.

After beginning the operation, the doctors decided that the full transposition surgery was too dangerous for Rohat at this point. What was planned to be a one-stage correction of his condition, turned into a preparatory surgery in which the doctors placed a BT shunt and a band on the pulmonary artery to prepare Rohat’s heart for the big surgery. God willing, the second operation will take place within two weeks.

Rohat’s mother was initially very anxious when the surgeon came out to explain that they could not complete the big surgery as planned, but the doctor reassured her that this will be better for Rohat.
For much of the time during the surgery, Rohat’s mom was surrounded by other mothers of children in the ICU, who were so kind and encouraging to her.

Praise God for a successful surgery! Please pray that Rohat’s heart will be strengthened by the interventions today and will have been made ready for the big surgery in a couple of weeks.