Flight back to Kurdistan

What a nice farewell party last night! Together with the whole team we sat under the open sky in our sukkot, which we set up for the Feast of Tabernacles.

It was time to look back and reflect on the past two months that Lalo and his father spent here. Two months full of ups and downs, but overall, a very blessed time.

After such a long wait it’s a gift of God that they can finally return to their family. You could see how happy they were because their faces shone with joy.

As a team we are very happy for the family. But we will also miss Lalo and his father a lot. Lalo’s father was always a great help to us – whether as a translator, contact person for the new Kurdish families who have arrived, or simply with his warm personality.

This afternoon we finally had to say goodbye to them and after the farewell, coworker Simona and I set out to take them to the airport. Lord, please bless their journey back home and their family reunion.