Floods of relief

Samir’s mum is incredible. Getting to know her and Samir over the past month and a half, I have been really touched by her love for him. The pair have such a special relationship and it’s really beautiful to see them together.

Today as we waited for Samir to come out of surgery to implant a pacemaker, we could all see that love. Not even wanting to eat, her focus never shifted from her son. We looked at photos and prayed together, but as the hours went on, her worry seemed to grow. By the late afternoon the emotion was too much and we sat there together through the tears.

Finally, after what must have seemed like an eternity to Samir’s mum, the surgery was finished and we were able to see him.

I can’t put into words how good it was to see her floods of relief; her tired smile lit up the hospital room. Leaving the hospital shortly after, I felt certain we were leaving Samir and his mum in God’s hand.

Please pray for a good recovery for Samir – thank God for everything he has done already.