Fluid build-up in stomach still present

After a week of exams at Sheba hospital to find the cause of the fluid build-up in Mohammed’s stomach, there was one more, hopefully definitive test today, to confirm if he has an intestinal disorder which has been present since birth.

The doctors checked to see the condition of his heart and if that was tied to this fluid build-up, but thank God, the cardiologist could confirm this was not a complication tied to his heart function.

For many of the past days, Mohammed was not able to drink milk and this contributed to quite a difficult time for him. His father said they both went two nights without sleeping. But when co-worker Julio and I visited them today, Mohammed’s dad was happy to say that he is now able to eat again and was sleeping soundly after his meal.

Please keep Mohammed in your prayers, especially as his body seems to have a lot of complications.