Follow-up cath; intubated

The medical team were concerned that Eva’s oxygen levels were not improving after yesterday’s surgery, so this morning they performed a catheterisation.

For the second day in a row Eva’s mum underwent an anxious and emotional wait, with no food or sleep; we joined her in prayer for Eva and also prayed for this strong mother that she would know God’s peace and love and life in Jesus.

During the cath they saw the vessel connected in the surgery yesterday was working well – praise God. They also measured the pressures within Eva’s heart and chest. Eva still has high pressure in her lungs – this has been an ongoing struggle for Eva. They also found a narrowed vessel – at the moment trying to dilate this would be too dangerous for Eva.

Next we wait and pray as Eva remains in ICU asleep and intubated with her body fighting to cope with all the trauma and changes.