Follow-Up with Hassan

I was pleased to learn yesterday that one of the babies due to visit Sheba for an echo was Hassan. He was one of the first babies I met when I came to Israel around a year ago. I remember he had such a tiny body with very long eye lashes and he lay looking quite helpless in the ICU. Over the year I have been reunited with Hassan and his lovely aunt a few times and it has been a blessing to get to know them and to see Hassan grow and look stronger. However, on seeing Hassan and his aunt yesterday at the Erez crossing I messaged home quickly to ask for support in praying for the two. Hassan had blue skin and he was sweating a lot and his aunt looked very tired and worried.

Thankfully God blessed our journey to Sheba and we arrived in good time. When I met up with Hassan’s aunt later in the day she said that he would need to stay in hospital for a catheterisation. Praise God this was able to take lace first thing this morning and the doctors were able to dilate Hassan’s pulmonary artery with a balloon during the procedure. Hassan should be able to return home to Gaza tomorrow. Please pray that he returns strong and that his heart will be protected. It is expected that Hassan may need a number of procedures on his heart as he gets bigger and we thank God so much for sustaining him in having life. Would Hassan and his aunt seek after and find the living water we are promised in Jesus.