Following his sister’s path to Israel

Mohammed arrived together with his mother and a new group of Kurdish families just yesterday. We welcome them all.
Mohammed Abdulrahman is a one year old boy from Iraqi Kurdistan. He was diagnosed with a cardiac condition called partial AV Canal. He also has a genetic syndrome called Ellis-Van Creveld Syndrome.

His sister, Vina, was three years and seven months old when she and her mother traveled to Israel. She also has partial AV Canal and Ellis-Van Creveld Syndrome. She had surgery at Wolfson Medical Center in Israel without any complications. Vina is now around 12 years old and is very beautiful! We were thankful to meet her.

Mohammed is now traveling with his mother, and this time will be treated at Sheba Medical Center. We hope that his surgical outcome will be the same, and that we can see him grow up to be older than 12 years old. Mohammed was at home with supplemental oxygen support, and his heart condition is severe. We have advocated for him to be directly admitted to the hospital.

Please pray for Mohammed and his mother.