Following up

Today we followed up on Mir’s directions to get a CT scan at Sheba Hospital, which will now hopefully pave the way for creating a plan of treatment for Mir. He was bouncing back and forth between laughing and crying this morning, clearly disliking the early morning and fasting, but unable to contain his naturally cheery and curious disposition.

He slept some during the drive and waited for the CT to happen, and we occupied the rest of the time walking him around, and calming him down as best we could; he was especially fond of exploring all of the different plants outside of the building, and especially holding the leaves.

Once we got called in, Mir went into the room content, until his mom put him down. Fortunately he was put to sleep soon after, and the CT went on without a hitch. Afterwards, he was happy to eat again, and spent the rest of the day in a better mood.