For however long it takes

For the seven months, Ziad was with his mother in the hospital. She would say how much Ziad’s father loves him and how much Ziad loves his dad; I think this picture tells exactly that. His father repeated what his mother had said, that for however long it takes for Ziad to heal, is no problem.

“For however long it takes,” are words of true and pure love, they are an unconditional commitment to the well-being of the beloved. The hospital staff also see this. I was talking with a nurse who was saying that both the mother and father of Ziad are outstanding parents, they’ve learned how to take care of his stoma and tracheostomy, and they do this day in and day out. It’s impossible to speak highly enough of Ziad’s parents.

And Ziad will need more time once he gains enough weight to make it to eight kilos. Then they will look at closing his stoma. He’s also frequently spiking fevers which take a disproportionate toll on him with all that he has been through.

Please keep this sweet boy in your prayer. I know a prayer of thanksgiving in my heart has been and will continue to be for the gift of such an incredible family to care for Ziad.