For I have called you by name, you are mine.

I phoned the Sheba Hospital department outside of visiting hours to see how Alaa was doing this afternoon. I was so happy to hear a very warm welcome from the staff there. They said, “You’re from Shevet Achim, come and visit whenever you like!” Thank God for His favour. Just like that, it was possible to go and see Alaa in the ICU.

God is holding Alaa in His hand. The staff at Sheba shared that so far, Alaa is progressing in a stable condition since being taken off the ECMO. They have stopped giving the sedative medication, today and are waiting for him to wake up. He had been receiving a high dose of this medication and so they are expecting it will take some time for him to wake.

Thank God for this good news of Alaa’s recovery. Your prayers are highly coveted for this young son, brother, husband, daddy. The Lord knows and has called him by name, for he belongs to Him.