Four Families at the Clinic

Today when we were at Wolfson we met three moms with their children. The youngest of all, Mariam, seemed to be very hungry, was crying and settled when mom fed her.

She was very content and laughed a lot.
Six year-old boy Motaz was very cheerful and friendly, he was playing with us. Later on when he got a balloon from the hospital clowns we had a little balloon fight.

Salma, a very quiet and shy girl, opened up like a flower when the hospital clowns came and started playing with her duck balloon and interacting with us, too.

Nivin, a fourth child, arrived a little later. She was already a big girl playing with all the other children and was full of smiles.


The echos of all the children were successful.


Please pray for the situation between Gaza and Israel right now. Today only one third of the children that were invited could come because of the conflict. There are children that still need help so please pray that they will be able to come.