Fourth catheterization

This afternoon, Niyan had her fourth catheterization since arriving in Israel. She’s had trouble breathing ever since her surgeries, and the doctors hoped to find and treat the cause.

In the procedure, the cath doctor found that Niyan’s pulmonary arteries are extremely small, causing difficult blood flow to the lungs. She dilated the left pulmonary branch with a balloon to allow better blood flow, but there was not much else she could do.

The doctors are now waiting to see how Niyan recovers from this procedure. In the meantime, they are doing more tests to investigate other possible causes for her breathing struggles. They suspect her diaphragm may not be functioning well, but a bigger contributing factor may be that she has lost so much weight since her surgeries that she just doesn’t have the muscle strength to breathe on her own yet.

Please continue praying for Niyan. Her doctors are still confident that she will make a full recovery, but it may take a long time and difficult steps along the way.