Freedom After Five Months

Bella’s mum told me this morning as she got into the car that her heart was beating so fast in anticipation of the day ahead. It was around 6 weeks ago that I remember Bella’s mum was in a similar position and on that day when we went to the hospital it became clear to us that Bella was not yet ready to go home and mum was so disappointed.

Today however, was a different story and the doctor was quick to tell us that Bella’s heart looks better than they might have expected it look post surgery given the severity of her heart defect. What an amazing God we serve!

This journey for Bella and her mother has been long and hard and in many ways I’m sure life changing. I know for myself that when God has taken me out of the comfort of familiarity and he has insisted on my patience to coincide with His perfect timing, these are times I feel it so vital to seek and know God more. I do not know how God has spoken with Bella’s mum over this time but I pray that she returns enriched in her knowledge of Him.

We were able to return to the house tonight in time for a celebration party for Bella, Birhat. And Aram. Be,a will fly home to her family tomorrow. Please keep this lovely family in your prayers.