From blue to pink in seven hours

We heard during the night that Meera’s oxygen levels had dropped so low that she was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. Thank God that he is looking over her; this morning at 8:30 she was brought into her surgery as scheduled, the first of two surgeries needed to help save Meera’s heart.

Her father carried the emotional load well, although he was very worried about her. We were joined by some other families who offered words of encouragement, many of them remembering the surgeries of their own babies.

The surgery was planned to last five hours. After more than seven hours, Meera finally emerged. She looked so different, no longer dark blue in her extremities, but fairly pink, perhaps a little pale even. The nurse in the ICU told us after about 30 minutes that Meera was stable, and now she needs to just remain stable and recover from the surgery.

We will wait, pray, and see how she goes, remembering that she is in good hands. Thank God for this special day for Meera, hopefully the start of a healthier life for her.