From Tension to Happiness

Praise GOD for a good day at the Wolfson hospital! 10 Kids from Gaza were invited to come to Israel to the hospital and nine of them arrived this morning. When the kids arrived they seemed quite overwhelmed the new impressions, a long drive and so many new faces that was a lot to take in. But the children weren’t the only ones that seemed overwhelmed, the parents bare in that time an incredible amount of pressure as well. So at the beginning the atmosphere was kind of tense, but by God’s blessing the tension turned into curiosity and than into happy children’s laughter. As we started talking to them we were able to see a smile on the mother’s faces even though all we could do was communicating with hands and love. And, most importantly, we started colouring and “car racing” with the kids.

This is little Adam. He is 9 months old and had his first surgery only a few weeks after birth. Now he is very good and mostly he is a happy boy. Adam has a big brother and two big sisters who love him. Also his mother cares very good for him. Today he went to the hospital for an echo. The mother was very happy with the result.

This incredibly cute girl next to the teddy bear is Mona. When we tried to communicate with her she turned away and looked quite scared at first. With her precious two years at age she obviously had to go through a lot of difficulties already. But as we know there is nothing that a teddy bear can’t light up even if it’s just a little. So we were able to witness her amazing smile in the end.

This little boy caught my attention right from the start, as he entered the room the tension and fear was visible on his face.

But the longer the boy stayed the more we got to know his wonderful and diverse character. He lighted up as we gave him a paper and a pen and his God given creativity flow on to the paper. But he enjoyed a quick soccer game in the same way and the smile on his face was priceless. So young but so gifted in various ways, this is Wisam.

Nabeel is a very cute boy, with a handsome smile in his face. He also came for an echo.

We couldn’t really talk to him and his mother because they didn’t speak English, but we played a lot with the young patient. Nabeel is very gifted in practical work: when the little car we played with lost its wheels he repaired the damage in a second! Also he was very lovely when we gave him biscuits he gave us sweets in return.

Thank you for your prayers for those young and valuable lives! Praise the Lord that we were able to help them!

Written by: Lisa and Almuth