From the hands of the Islamic State to the hands of Israeli surgeons

Khalid and his family have been living in a refugee camp for the last five years. The Islamic State, an extremist terrorist group, destroyed their house, olive plantations, burned their tractor, the irrigation system and everything that was in their way. He showed me pictures of Khalid visiting the ruins of their house.

 But today, the history is completely opposite. It’s surgery day for Khalid. He and his father have been blessed by living in the Shevet home for a couple of weeks and are now blessed by the Israeli Surgeons. The surgery started early this morning and I spent lots of time with Khalid’s father. He  has been sharing many stories about their difficult life culture as refugees.

Khalid’s diagnosis is  Tetralogy of Fallot, the doctors explained to his father, and they will try their best to correct his heart. During the waiting we had tea and I shared many stories about God’s faithfulness in my own life to Khalid’s father. We even had time to walk out and get some sun.

Co-worker Markus replaced me in the afternoon to be with Khalid’s father. It was a very long afternoon. The surgery took a while but the surgeons finally finished and took him to the recovery room. The father was able to see him.

But later, the Doctors noticed excessive bleeding when they attempted to control the drainage and that he had more blood in his lungs than usual after such a surgery. They had to admit him into a second surgery again to assess if there is any “leak”.

Finally, after a couple of hours later, the doctors completed the second surgery and he is better now. It is very amazing how God gave such a peace and tranquility to the father during the long hours of waiting.

Please continue praying for both of them.